Wine & Food


Veneto is good to eat! What? It means that Helloveneto suggests you where to eat the most typical food in Veneto. HelloVeneto knows lots of restaurants and agriturismo (farmhouses), you have just to ask!

Wine and food routes:

Verona: the rice of Isola della Scala, the nut brittle of Cologna, the Amarone and Valpolicella wines
Vicenza: the codfish “Baccalà alla Vicentina”, the Asiago cheese and the Barbarano wine
Padova: “bigoli in salsa”, the fugassa cake and the Colli Euganei white wines
Venice: “sarde in saor” (marinated sardines) and the Calves Liver, Venetian Style
Treviso: Red Radicchio Risotto and the Prosecco (sparkling wine) of Conegliano
Rovigo: Risotto polesano and the guinea-fowl in “tecia style”
Belluno: Casunziei ampezzani and canederli
HelloVeneto proposes wine-and-food tours in order to eat the most typical food of the Veneto cooking, HelloVeneto takes you to the farms where is possible to taste the d.o.c. and d.o.c.g. wines, oil, honey and cheese.

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Cooking classes in Veneto
Cooking classes in Venice, Verona, Vicenza

HelloVeneto organizes Cooking classes for small groups, theaching how to cook the food of the typical Venetian cuisine, the secrets of the chefs, how to combine food and wines.

2 professional chefs, 2 Venetian different areas, 2 experiences to taste!

Near Vicenza, you meet Mauro, experienced chef who worked abroad for many years: Canada, Usa, France, Scotland... He will host you at his restaurant and will make you prepare his special recipes. Moreover you'll get in touch with Bari, hiss wife and professional sommelier, who will combine the food you prepare with the right wine.

Near Verona, you meet Luisa, chef who inherited the passion for Venetian cuisine from his grand-mother. She will entertain you at her home, or she will show you how to cook in special locations as villas of the Valpolicella area.

Cooking classes are "Hands-On"!!!