4 Seasons

4 seasons in Veneto

SPRING: the best season to visit Veneto and Italy. Cities are brighter after winter, monuments and museums offer a vast range of events and exhibitions. The yellow and green Venetian countryside, the Berici, Lessini and Euganean slopes become lands where to enjoy nature, artisanry and the typical products.
SUMMER: more than 100 km of beaches, fun and relax. The Dolomites host the tourist with their freshness and amazing panorama. The Garda lake and its pictoresque villages smelling of olive and lemon are the best choice for sport lovers and sunbathers.
AUTUMN: the season of good wine and local products. Wines, chestnuts, cheese and other typical products of the Venetian Land. Lots of folkloristic fairs and feasts in the villages and small cities.
WINTER: Wellness resorts and spas of the Venetian Thermae (Abano, Montegrotto, Recoaro...) host the tourist who want to combine a relaxing and wealthy holidtay with a gourmet experience. Moreover, the Dolomites with their alpine appeal, the best product for skier, snowboarders and Xmas Markets' aficionados.